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Agreement of Terms & Conditions

First: Introduction

Welcome to AQARMARKET website We will mention the following
terms and conditions of use and access to the site and all pages and links and
tools and attributes branch of the site.
Your use of is your agreement to accept the terms and conditions
of this agreement which includes all the details below and is an affirmation of
your commitment to comply with the content of this agreement for the website
The term "location" means the location of the real estate market and
all its attachments

This Agreement is valid if you accept the Acceptance Option
(Terms and Conditions of Use)

Second: Membership and Registration:

Membership is granted only to those who are 18 years of age
or older. The site management has the right to disqualify any member who has
not reached the age of 18 years and the member has no right to recover any
amounts paid to participate or sell them to another party or to waive them.
In the event that any user registers as a commercial enterprise, his / her
business shall be bound by all the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
No natural or legal person may use the site if his membership is canceled from
the site until after the cancellation of the reason for the cancellation. In
this case, is registered as a new user  and is not entitled to claim anything
from the canceled account.
No member or institution / company may open two accounts for any reason, unless
the registration of a real estate broker for the same registered real estate
company and the management of the site has the right to freeze the accounts or
cancel one of them and liquidate the account without the permission of the
account holder.
Users must comply with the commercial contracts signed with the members and all
applicable laws regulating trade online.
The Site shall not be liable for any damages (material or moral) resulting from
the use of the site or any commercial operation, or the installation or misuse
of the site or any compensatory claims resulting from the use of the site.
The site is for real estate advertisements only and any advertisements other
than that lead to the suspension or deletion of membership without any claims
placed on the site and mention but not limited to the rest of the subscription
No member of the Site is entitled to buy prohibited, suspicious or stolen items
or in violation of the applicable laws of the ministries and bodies of the
local government trade institutions in the GCC countries or the laws of the
World Trade Organization, and if this proves to be the case, Site or site
You agree to provide security for the Site, its directors, employees, agents
and equipment, and to protect them from any damage they may suffer due to
claims, losses, malfunctions, costs and expenses arising out of your breach of
the Terms of Use Agreement or your breach of any law or amendments or
infringement of the rights of third parties.

We do not allow the advertisement of any material (s)
related to
Sex, all kinds of wines, films (except educational films), music, songs,
anything harmful to the health of people or the environment
Drugs and preparations not authorized by the UAE Ministry of Health, explosive
materials and firearms, religiously prohibited items, tobacco of all kinds,
pirated and non-original programs and discs, any programs related to
pornography, Bonds, including bonds, bonds, customs bonds or any financial
instruments, services and public announcements of sites or companies, the
artistic object not exported outside the United Arab Emirates and the rest of
the GCC, any damaged property, false, invalid, counterfeit or That it may harm
users of another site in their interests, including information that infringes
the intellectual property rights of third parties and other property or the
right of confidentiality, dissemination of religious, political or economic
information or any information contrary to the laws and principles of the site

And comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Commerce
and the Customs Department and the Ministry of Interior in the United Arab
Emirates and the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and all
relevant ministries.
Each user can pay the subscription fees and the official registration at the
competent authorities in the UAE for whatever he wants from real estate or real
estate services or contact them directly or indirectly as long as it does not
violate UAE law or the conditions of the site.
Once you apply for membership, you will be required to disclose specific
information and choose a user name and password to use when entering the site,
email and phone number. Upon acceptance of the application for registration,
you will be considered a member of the site and thus, you have agreed to:
You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account
information and password, identifying the persons allowed to access and using
your account on the site. You hereby agree to immediately notify the Site of
any unauthorized use of your login or account or any other breach of your
confidential information.
You are responsible for maintaining the use of the site with all seriousness
and credibility and is obliged to compensate its owner / owners for any direct
or indirect losses that may be caused to them as a result of any illegal, real
or authorized use of your account by you or any other person who has obtained
Keys to access your account on the site whether to perform services and others
using your username and password, whether on your own or without authorization.
The site is not responsible for any damages that occur to its users material or
moral, directly or indirectly.

You agree to allow the Site Administration to record and use
telephone calls made through the Site or the Mobile Application for the purpose
of training, processing or sending complaints to a party to a registered
telephone call at the request of any party to the registered telephone call.
The username does not include a word or logo that violates the laws, customs
and customs of the Gulf States or the use of the name of the site or its logo,
except with the consent of the site administration.

If the applicant for the registration is a business /
organization, you must provide all required information and documentation
including your trade license, other documents of the organization and / or
documents showing the responsibility of any person acting on your behalf.
You agree to provide the Site with any information or documents required of
You agree to any changes or additions to the Site or the terms of the Agreement
later without requiring additional consent from you.
AqarMarket is a technical website that allows the sale, purchase and rental of
real estate between registered parties.

Registration on the site is free, membership requires
monthly or annual cash payment as agreed to add real estate advertisements or
use any feature of the site or electronic application.
There are optional advertising fees for special ads if they are used to promote
real estate or services.
Subscribers must pay the subscription fee immediately or enter the promotion to
activate the subscription.
The site has the right to make adjustments to the transaction fees as it deems
appropriate. Any changes to the site, or through email, advertisement on the
site, or any means that the site management deems appropriate, will be
announced, and the amendments may be temporary or continuous, whether on fees
or service details. To comply with their terms when they are announced.
All fees are charged in UAE Dirham and the currency is converted to the user's
account or according to what the site management believes.
The Site reserves the right to warn you if you breach any of the terms of this
Agreement or take such action as it deems appropriate.

Third: Personal data and trade information:

You may not grant the Site an unlimited, universal,
irrevocable and irrevocable right to be exempted from expenses, authorized to
use personal information or materials, etc., provided to us by the Site and /
or posted on the Site through registration, During the process of displaying
the properties and services, through the forms dedicated to communication and
registration and through any e-mail or any of the channels available on the
site in order to operate and promote the site according to the agreement of use
confidentiality agreement information. You are solely responsible for the
information you sent or published
The role of the site is limited to allowing you to display this information on
the website pages and through its advertising channels.
For Confidentiality, the Site shall take appropriate measures to protect
against the unauthorized access and preservation of your personally
identifiable information. Knowing that the Internet is not a safe way, your
confidential personal information can not be 100% guaranteed.


AQARMARKET.AE  may not be used for off-site products or
services, which will degrade its value and credibility. All other
non-site-owned trademarks appearing on the Site are the property of their
respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated, linked or sponsored by the
All content contained in the site, including, but not limited to, text,
designs, logos, button icons, icons, tracks, digital loads, aggregated data and
electronic software are owned and preserved by Aqarmarket, Trademarks,
intellectual property rights and laws
The site and other logos and logos on the Site are either registered or
unregistered trademarks of the Site and are protected by the rights and laws of
the ownership of other international and intellectual trademarks and any use
thereof without the permission of the Site Administration is under legal
liability and the site is entitled to claim compensation or payment Amounts to
be used as it sees fit without reference to any judicial authority.

Fifth  the responsibility of the site:

The site is simply a channel for communication, where users
can meet and interact with each other for the purpose of buying, buying and
renting real estate, the site does not sell or buy goods, and can not be a
party to any transaction is not binding in any way on behalf of any party uses
the site any claims or guarantees.
The site does not guarantee that the buyer, seller, lessor or tenant will
accept or refund the transaction. You will not assume the responsibility of
users in terms of the content, verbs, reactions, goods or information that they
The site is not liable for any unsatisfactory or late performance by either
party, nor for any losses, malfunctions or delays, due to a property
unavailable or delayed delivery, or misuse of the site such as fraud, fraud or
money laundering.
The site is not required to mediate or resolve any dispute or dispute between
The site is not liable for non-compliance or conclusion of a contract between
(the users, nor is responsible for the transfer of legal property from the
seller to the buyer). As the contract of sale of any goods will be bilaterally
between the seller and the buyer and the real estate broker. The site has no
right, authority or interest in any transaction.
The website has no obligation or claims regarding such transactions concluded
with respect to a sale or lease contract between the parties
THE SITE. If you are not satisfied with the site or any of its contents, the
solution is not to continue using it. Furthermore, you agree that any
unauthorized use of the site and its services, because of your negligence, will
cause harm to the site.

The site does not control and does not guarantee the
quality, security and legitimacy of any advertised property or service, nor
does it control the honesty of users in terms of contents and what they include
in the description of the property or service, nor in the ability of sellers to
market their goods, .
The site does not guarantee the quality specifications, their value or the
extent of their popularity in the markets. It is the responsibility of the
seller and the buyer to check all the properties before selling, buying or
renting them.
The site is not a supplier or contractor for any type of property offered on
the site
The website does not represent or guarantee the users' specifications for their
legitimacy, credibility and identity.
The Site does not accept any claims arising out of errors or omissions, whether
obtained by third party or third party. The Site excludes from its guarantees
and terms and conditions any financial losses, defamation of reputation, and
any special damages arising from your misuse or inability to use the Website,
Assumes any responsibilities or claims in such cases.
The site is not responsible for the level of security of any links (link)
outside the site and if the address of the link on the pages of the site
displays the goods on the pages of a third party, and the site does not
guarantee the absence of viruses or any destructive means, you know and agree
that the site is not responsible for Content or the presence of such sites.
Only users should agree on the terms, terms and conditions of delivery and
payment between them. The site is not responsible for such arrangements, and
only provides optional services.

You absolve the Site and / or any of its officers and
representatives of any claim, dispute, costs, damages, liability, and any direct
loss to any party arising out of an act done by the users of the Site. You
specifically waive any claim in this regard Show.
The sixth item to guarantee
The site provides real estate advertising services as they are on the ground,
and as they are available, without their approval and without any warranty,
whether express or implied, including title, usability, quality, safety and
originality. The site does not guarantee its accuracy, reliability, It does not
guarantee the information, texts, designs and means of communication used
through the site
The site does not guarantee the repair of the glitches and does not guarantee
the absence of the site from viruses and any other things that could harm the
users .. And the nature of communication through it
The site may occasionally be unavailable due to repair, maintenance and
development. You agree that the site is not obliged to support the site, and
that you are publicly agree to visit the site and take your own risks.

Sixth: Disputes and disputes:

For any dispute or dispute between the Website and any other
party, whoever has the right to the site in its sole right and in the choice of
the judicial authority or any other body which it deems appropriate to decide
on the issue or the dispute arising or arising.

Note: In the event that the Arabic or English text is
different in the terms of the agreement, it relies on the Arabic text only and
neglects other texts in other languages.